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eComTechnologyy merchant accounts – High Risk Credit Card Processing .

eComTechnogy merchant account credit card processing services to businesses, working with not only traditional businesses but high risk and high volume businesses as well. eComTechnology is established with many International Business and Banking Services and will match your company with a Bank worldwide.

In order to provide the most effective and efficient credit card payment processing solutions to our merchants, we operate various business units dedicated to industry segments while working closely with our providers to determine which of the varied services in the market are best suited to their business needs.

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ETA Data Breach Monitor

Top 10 U.S. Cities for Online Fraud

Tampa, Fla., is the top city for online fraud, according to ThreatMetrix, which found a correlation between top cities for fraud and those home to hosted data centers. The remaining top 10 cities were New York City, Manassas, Va., San Jose, Calif., Atlanta, Ga., Ashburn, Va., Los Angeles, Calif., San Mateo, Calif., Chicago, Ill., and Phoenix, Ariz. The rankings for the study were determined by which proxies or virtual locations the fraudulent transactions appeared to come from. “Criminals set up VPN servers and proxy software at hosted service providers to appear in a location that is consistent with a stolen identity,” says ThreatMetrix’s Alisdair Faulkner. To deter cybercriminals, hosted data centers should implement a cybersecurity strategy that dynamically assesses the digital identities and devices of the entities they do business with. The goal is to accurately identify illegitimate usage in real time. Cybercriminals are using hosted data centers in the U.S. to funnel stolen identities through rented online servers using stolen credit cards. The top cities represent the intersection of locations that have the largest concentration of data centers with offline identities that have been compromised in recent breaches.

From “Top 10 U.S. Cities for Online Fraud”
Help Net Security (08/11/15)

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