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Foreign Exchange & Risk Management Solutions.

Stop overpaying on business money transfers. Most SME’s unknowingly lose tens of thousands each year on international payments. This is broken. With our cheapest transfer rates and currency toolbox, including hedging for over 40 + currencies, you will protect your company profits.

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That’s why we’re committed to 100% price transparency. We have nothing to hide – we show the real rate, next to your rate side by side. Our platform delivers you the best option for your transfers, meaning you never need to go ‘direct’ again. Making sense of your business foreign exchange has never been so easy.

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How does CurrencyTransfer work? Our free to use, live marketplace provides you networked access to the pricing and delivery channels of a number of FCA regulated payment providers. You can book anything from a same-day transfer to a 12-mth forward contract. Join a growing wave of companies across the world – sole-traders, limited companies, growing SME’s and Mid-Caps – who are all depending on the service for their business foreign exchange requirements.

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